#Recently Sold Homes in Princeton Boro & township

21 Governors Ln, Princeton, NJ43.1$819,000$765,00011/20/2013Governors Lane136
539 Princeton Kingston Rd, Princeton, NJ53.1$1,295,000$1,155,00011/19/2013None Available108
11 Coniston Ct, Princeton, NJ54.2$1,450,000$1,430,00011/18/2013Pond View376
9 Mount Lucas Rd, Princeton, NJ32$499,000$440,00011/15/2013None Available198
641 Lawrenceville Rd, Princeton, NJ42.1$999,000$999,00011/15/2013None Available26
76 Linden Ln, Princeton, NJ32$579,000$605,00011/15/2013None Available6
49 Maple St, Princeton, NJ42$785,000$765,00011/15/2013None Available1
145 Valley Rd, Princeton, NJ42$585,000$587,50011/15/2013None Available6
267 Riverside Dr, Princeton, NJ42.1$1,095,000$975,00011/11/2013Riverside64
251 William Livingston Ct, Princeton, NJ32.1$378,000$360,00011/1/2013Griggs Farm170
56 Princeton Ave, Princeton, NJ32.1$995,000$975,00011/1/2013None Available38
318 Ewing St, Princeton, NJ22$440,000$415,00010/30/2013None Available43
24 Maidenhead Rd, Princeton, NJ33.1$655,000$655,00010/30/2013Fieldwood Manors1
18 Jefferson Rd, Princeton, NJ33.1$974,900$984,00010/29/2013None Available8
302 Stonecliff Rd, Princeton, NJ54.1$1,395,000$1,370,00010/29/2013Ettl Farm10
210 Bullock Dr, Princeton, NJ32.1$585,000$575,00010/28/2013Washington Oaks38
46 Wiggins St, Princeton, NJ33.1$999,999$987,00010/28/2013None Available19
164 Valley Rd, Princeton, NJ42$525,000$560,00010/28/2013None Available7
179 Hamilton Ave, Princeton, NJ32$550,000$550,00010/24/2013None Available12
15 Gordon Way, Princeton, NJ32.1$525,000$500,00010/22/2013Queenston Common81
1 Barsky Ct, Princeton, NJ43.1$1,499,000$1,485,00010/21/2013None Available56
48 Independence Dr, Princeton, NJ23$1,795,000$1,750,00010/21/2013None Available58
63 All Saints Rd, Princeton, NJ64$1,279,000$1,200,00010/18/2013Littlebrook74
72 Library Pl, Princeton, NJ44.1$2,400,000$2,050,00010/15/2013None Available94
39 Wilkinson Way, Princeton, NJ32.1$600,000$626,10010/14/2013Washington Oaks5
61 Governors Ln, Princeton, NJ33.1$769,000$755,00010/10/2013Governors Lane26
611 Brickhouse Rd, Princeton, NJ22$379,900$370,00010/8/2013Washington Oaks30
80 Rollingmead St, Princeton, NJ32$579,000$555,00010/7/2013Shady Brook21
15 Campbell Woods Way, Princeton, NJ22.1$539,000$516,00010/7/2013Campbell Woods88
24 Wheatsheaf Ln, Princeton, NJ42.1$527,500$489,50010/7/2013None Available80
150 Neil Ct, Princeton, NJ32.1$549,900$537,00010/2/2013Washington Oaks16
21 Sergeant St, Princeton, NJ32.1$725,000$710,00010/2/2013Markham Square6
32 Vreeland Ct, Princeton, NJ54.1$1,575,000$1,550,0009/30/2013Russell Estates19
68 Patton Ave, Princeton, NJ42$685,000$635,6259/30/2013Riverside32
2 Firestone Ct, Princeton, NJ33.1$995,000$960,0009/30/2013None Available33
24 Hawthorne Ave, Princeton, NJ42.1$999,000$1,219,0009/30/2013None Available8
343 Jefferson Rd, Princeton, NJ54$1,365,000$1,290,0009/30/2013None Available1
78 Westerly Rd, Princeton, NJ32.1$749,000$790,0009/27/2013Western72
31 Crooked Tree Ln, Princeton, NJ42.1$788,000$752,0009/25/2013Littlebrook121
33 Mccomb Rd, Princeton, NJ32.1$569,500$558,0009/25/2013Campbell Woods57
21 Pine St, Princeton, NJ22.1$649,000$640,0009/23/2013None Available91
36 Mercer St, Princeton, NJ64.1$1,100,000$1,350,0009/23/2013None Available19
65 Philip Dr, Princeton, NJ53.1$1,195,000$1,165,0009/23/2013None Available34
219 Mercer St, Princeton, NJ53.1$1,495,000$1,445,0009/18/2013Institute Area86
15 Marion Rd W, Princeton, NJ42.1$619,000$550,0009/18/2013Shady Brook2
59 Constitution Hl W, Princeton, NJ22.1$679,000$647,5009/16/2013None Available115
24 Paul Robeson Pl 13, Princeton, NJ22.2$1,550,000$1,470,0009/16/2013Palmer Square57
439 Terhune Rd, Princeton, NJ53.1$975,000$965,0009/12/2013None Available121
191 Snowden Ln, Princeton, NJ32.1$649,000$660,0009/6/2013Littlebrook62
108 Dempsey Ave, Princeton, NJ42$680,000$670,0009/5/2013None Available31
29 Hamilton Ave, Princeton, NJ32$560,000$537,0009/4/2013None Available101
8-10 Patton Ave, Princeton, NJ43$1,495,000$1,350,0009/4/2013Riverside28
39 Evergreen Cir, Princeton, NJ42.1$800,000$810,0008/30/2013Riverside1
25 Springdale Rd, Princeton, NJ46.1$2,295,000$2,150,0008/30/2013Institute Area2
4343 Province Line Rd, Princeton, NJ42.2$1,195,000$1,080,0008/29/2013None Available98
312 Prospect Ave, Princeton, NJ52.1$875,000$855,0008/29/2013Riverside32
35 Linwood Cir, Princeton, NJ43$635,000$650,0008/29/2013Littlebrook16
68 Farrand Rd, Princeton, NJ54$1,695,000$1,600,0008/28/2013Russell Estates101
25 Palmer Sq W D, Princeton, NJ11$375,000$360,0008/28/2013Palmer Square154
285 Christopher Dr, Princeton, NJ44.1$1,205,000$1,150,0008/28/2013Ettl Farm91
86 Beech Hollow Ln, Princeton, NJ64.1$1,888,000$1,880,0008/28/2013Preserve64
174 Springdale Rd, Princeton, NJ54.1$1,200,000$1,250,0008/28/2013Institute Area4
130 Arreton Rd, Princeton, NJ54.1$1,295,000$1,260,0008/27/2013Princeton Ridge39
364 Franklin Ave, Princeton, NJ32$629,000$612,5008/27/2013Littlebrook15
160 Neil Ct, Princeton, NJ32.1$549,900$550,0008/27/2013Washington Oaks4

Buyers Market or Sellers Market- New Year 2010

Happy New Year Readers ! Yes, we’re 20 degrees below normal and freezing but that is not impacting the local real estate market.

Over Christmas & New YEars, I must have received 5-6 inquiries regarding homes in our area.

Interesting to note, the price range & type of homes being searched for are varied.

We seem to have moved out of the ground level of “Being safe” at the $300’s-$400’s ( Yes, there WERE actually some good deals to be had in this price bracket….townhomes of course.

Now, the “Enlightened” buyer is catching up to the fast tracking market & financing changes.

So are we transitioning to a Seller’s market ?

Aah, what a whimsical supposition.

As a Realtor I say with no condescension whatsoever,……..”Dream On” . To clarify, I am a homeowner myself, so believing & conveying “Realism” is vital.

Having said that, please be aware that for almost 3-4 months, our area has had very little in terms of  inventory….and anything attractive that has come on the market HAS been snapped up…..with 8-12 offers  on most & above asking for some.

So what ‘s new for 2010 ?

Changing lending standards for sure.

Interest rates are on the rise …fast heading to 6%.

FHA AND conventional credit/loan ratios are requiring more notches to be tacked on to the borrowing ability of many a qualified buyer.

New standards & tests to weed out unqualified/uneducated mortgage officers are already underway.

In a neighborhood watch website, one can see the default ratios for many local lenders…It is quite amazing that loan officers continue to preapprove borrowers for hefty loans, that would hurt their very own “clients” in the short AND long run.

And, I do have personal, recent experiences to back that up.

So, what’s the plan…….Wait …..Buy……..Buy Now?…….

That makes for another post………soon to come.

BTW, for those curious…….a technical glitch seems to have wiped out all my posts in between Aug 2009 & now…………I hope to compensate with more interesting & updated reading to follow.

Lawrence Square Village Townhome For Sale

Lawrenceville Squaer Village Townhome For Sale

Lawrenceville Squaer Village Townhome For Sale

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Estates at Princeton Junction- West Windsor Townhome For Sale

Estates at Princeton Junction Nj townhome For sale

Estates at Princeton Junction Nj townhome For sale

Rarely available desirable End Unit Eastport Model on Premium lot AND on Cul-De-Sac.Facing North-East. This is the ONLY Eastport model in this entire townhome community on a Cul-de-Sac…….an enviable private & serene location.This spectacular end unit features a magnificent kitchen and family room with gas fireplace, spacious living & dining rooms, 2-Car garage, full basement & convenient 2nd floor laundry.Lots of natural light throughout.Exquisite master suite includes an expansive sitting area, large walk-in closet, and sumptuous private bath.9 ft ceilings & hardwood flooring on 1st floor, Lifetime warranteed Anderson Windows, Corian Counters in kitchen & a layout that is Open & spacious. In-ceiling speakers, marble fireplace, crown molding, home security system, backyard paver…

How is Princeton area to move in with family?

If your move brings you to the East Coast ……….Welcome ! Princeton embodies a diversity that is engaging to all…….there are young families & empty nesters, students & professionals. There are wonderful activities for New moms & kids to get involved with , cultural happenings & seasonal events related to the arts, reading, music spanning different ages & interests. The lifestyle is vivacious or relaxed………this is an established community of a population that actively participates in the many possibilities the area offers………dining, shopping, theatre, literary pursuits, farmers markets, holistic living etc. As a Realtor specializing in the Greater princeton area & a resident for over 12 years, I can honestly say I love it here . Once you’ve decided on the area , included any commuting or lifestyle factors, it would simply be a matter of finding the right home to call your own. Princeton offers the privacy of mansions & estates, modern apartments & townhomes , traditional colonials with pools & relaxing backyards and downtown studios…………a variety that’s hard to beat. Good luck with your decision :-)

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